Starting with the Gospel in Galatians

Why does Paul start Galatians right out with the Gospel? Galatians 1:3-5 is a great summary of the very foundaiton of what we as Christains believe. Why should we start with the Gospel?

Why does Galatians start with the gospel?  Paul lays it all out in Galatians 1:1-5 in the greeting to the churches in Galatia.  I believe it is because he wants his readers, and us, to know where we must start.  The letter to the Galatians is obviouslya letter defending the gospel from those who would bring us back to the law as a way of salvation.  Somehow thinking that they could add to the atonement of Christ.  And there is nothing new under the sun today!  People and churches are still trying to add to the gospel by thinking they can, or must, bring something to the table, especially in the form of law keeping and good works.    And just as Paul starts with the gospel so should we!  Why do we not start our days preaching the gospel to ourselves as Martin Luther did?  That it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and not of yourself, so you can't boast about it.    I mean this should be more foundational than brushing our teeth in the morning.  After all there is hope nowhere else than in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As I start to preach through Galatians this will be ever before me and I hope you.  That we start each and everyday preaching the gospel to our souls!